Kickoff to Support Equity Summer- Sunday, June 25th, 3-5pm, Center for Progress and Justice-Santa Fe

Equity Summer will be a transformational movement, and this is Retake’s kickoff to support the campaign.

Chainbreaker launches Equity Summer July and on June 25, Retake Our Democracy will kick off our efforts to support this important campaign. At this meeting, you will learn about a research-based community strategy to effectively engage people in difficult conversations, an approach shown to help people change their minds whether you are canvassing, testifying at a city council meeting, or just talking with friends.

We will also discuss how to canvass your block; host a house party with scripts, video, and Powerpoint provided; participate in a letter to the editor campaign; attend and testify at City Council meetings and Planning Commission Hearings; participate in book clubs and study sessions on policy issues; conduct research into urban innovation and policies that effectively promote equity; or directly volunteer for one of our community-based organization partners. You will leave with a clear idea of our goals, our strategies, and the role you want to play.

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