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Almost all New Mexicans believe that money plays too big a role in our government. Independent spending in our state has increased exponentially, much of it from undisclosed donors who are exerting a heavy influence, leaving New Mexicans in the dark about who is spending big money in our elections.

Making our campaign finance reporting requirements more open and transparent is good for ALL New Mexicans.

The New Mexico Secretary of State has proposed new regulations to do just that. The new regulations will clarify the reporting requirements for non-candidate PACs and other groups who sponsor political ads. The rule also defines “coordinated” expenditure and “independent” PAC to cover groups that have eluded reporting requirements by claiming they are non-political. Under the new regulation, if these groups have spent more than $1,000 on express advocacy or electioneering communications they are required to report their expenditures and the sources of money used to pay for them.

The biggest beneficiary of the new regulations will be the public, which will be able to follow the money behind candidates and issues on the ballot.  But both candidates and regular PACs, which already report, will also benefit from a more level playing field and clear requirements.

Common Cause New Mexico is asking citizens, partners, and everyone who believes in transparency to make known their support of Secretary of State’s draft campaign finance rule on independent expenditures.

Make Your Voice Heard! Sign the petition to support these important regulations NOW!

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  1. I am the Chair of the Platform Committee for the Santa Fe County Democratic Party … your input for our platform would be welcome
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