Take Action July 25th, 2017! Public Hearing on Oil and Gas Ordinance Amendments in Sandoval County

Common Ground Rising Community Trust is requesting a review of findings in our upcoming presentation on July 25th to the Planning and Zoning Commission

John Arango, P&Z Chairman, has accepted our presentation as one of several presentations in this ordinance process. The findings will request the broadening of the scope of the ordinance to include the many items that were ripped from the ordinance after the election in order to streamline the permitting process and to allow the county to abdicate its authority to the state.

We will submit findings on the issue of Pre-emption and try to cover what the past two meeting brought forward on the record. We will submit our findings and ask that they be accepted or rejected in writing. We will also point out the law and ask that the county request clarification on the number of items that have been brought up in the two subsequent hearings. Important to this Issue is that the tribal cultural landscape issues and consultations must be addressed and that Sandoval County has ignored.

Dr. Robert Bernstein from Physicians for Social Responsibility will be speaking on health impacts as well as Dr. Val Wangler from IHS Zuni Pueblo. PDF of Too Dirty Too Dangerous will be submitted into the record.

There will be 3 more Public Hearings before a decision is made and we will be presentation on air monitoring, water quality and quantity issues and baseline studies and health and safety as well as submitting a list of what the county could do within its jurisdiction. We will be posting these lists so that concerned citizens might be able to pick topics and make comments in support of bring forth the quality protections and care we value in our community.

For copies of the presentations that our attorney Ted Barudin will be making to the Commission and Drs. from Physicians for Social Responsibility please contact us at info@commongroundrising.org

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