URGENT ACTION NEEDED before 11/21/17! Tell your elected officials to implement Ranked Choice Voting before the next Mayoral election!

Santa Feans TAKE ACTION:

  • Please call and email your city council members and Mayor Gonzales to let them know that they have enough time to implement Ranked Choice Voting if they stop wasting time with legal appeals (learn about how RVC works here). Two District Court Judges have issued court orders; community sentiment is overwhelming and there is time. We do not want a Mayor elected by 25% of the voters.
  • Please share your thoughts about this latest delay tactic in the comments section for the New Mexican article.
  • Please write letters to the editor in response to the city’s disingenuous move, and submit it today or tomorrow.
  • Please share this with your networks and encourage people to take action!

See the complete blog from Retake Our Democracy about this issue here:

Below is contact information on all the City Council members and our Mayor.

MAYOR JAVIER GONZALES (505) 955-6590jmgonzales@santafenm.gov

District 1.

District 2.

District 3

District 4

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