Take Action! Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 @ 9am – ‘Second RCV hearing at District Court’

Please come show your support for #rankedchoicevoting in Santa Fe. We had a big win last week when District Judge Thomson denied the city’s motion to dismiss our case, and scheduled this hearing to get testimony from the Secretary of State and others about the availability of the voting software needed to run an RCV election. Good news is, the software is available and ready! We have waited almost ten years for RCV, we shouldn’t have to wait any more.
Last week we had over 60 people in the courtroom. It was standing room only, and that was a powerful sight to see. Please come to show your support again if you are able, and if you couldn’t make it last week, this is your chance to support RCV for Santa Fe.

Park free in the Roundhouse garage and walk over to 225 Montezuma @ 9am, First District Court. Go upstairs to Judge David Thomson’s court room. No food, no drinks, no cell phone use in the courtroom. Laptops okay. See you there!


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