Take Action! Speak out to preserve your right to a NEUTRAL network environment before Thursday, December 14th, 2017!

This past Saturday, The Santa Fe New Mexican had to cancel its plans to live stream an event in Espanola due to limited (Internet) network access. Internet service in Santa Fe (and all of NM) is notoriously poor, and likely to get worse for the average user unless you ACT now.

As you read this post on your smartphone or computer, you have only a few days left to speak out to preserve your right to a NEUTRAL network environment —- aka Net Neutrality. If it’s repealed, it WILL affect you.

Also visit PeoplesProgressiveMedia.com. We’ll help you to learn more about the issue and we’ll even help you to contact Congress here during the final days before the vote. Michelle Lujan Grisham, in particular, needs persuading, so please take action NOW!

Take Action! Write to your City Councilors and the Mayor with questions/requests regarding solarizing our City facilities with PNM

Please write to your City Councilors and to the Mayor and ask them why the rush to solarize our City facilities with PNM and why not, at the very least, craft a request for proposals (RFP) — a competitive bidding process – to see whether the City can get a better deal. There is abundant evidence that a better deal is possible (read here for more information).

Click here for contact information for the Mayor and all City Council representatives. Forward them this email as evidence of why they should reconsider support for this partnership.

Take Action! Regarding the tax bill ASAP!

Dear Friends,

Here’s an idea about a unique leverage point New Mexicans have regarding what we can do about the tax bill.

We all know that calling Congressional legislators is fairly useless if you are not a constituent of theirs.

Now that he’s running for Governor, I believe Representative Steve Pearce may be vulnerable to pressure regarding the federal tax bill because his constituency has now changed. As long as he stayed in his Congressional District, he had a good chance of being re-elected, but if he wants to be Governor, he needs to appeal to a state-wide audience, and the tax bill is very unpopular. 

I propose a short term but intense campaign, putting a spotlight specifically on Pearce and the tax bill. If he ultimately votes for the bill, at least it will have been highlighted for use in the gubernatorial campaign.

 Letters to the editor can be extremely short – needing to be no more than “Why is New Mexico Congressman Pearce, who is now in the running to be our Governor, supporting a bill that raises my taxes and takes hundreds of millions of dollars from New Mexico?” In fact the really short LTEs have a better chance of getting published.

Wonks can go to town with longer op-eds; organizations can create demonstrations or place bill boards; and anyone can call in to local talk radio, and especially, everyone should call his office.  

 We have networks all over the state. Encourage efforts from Taos to Las Cruces and everywhere in between. Indivisible even has branches in Pearce’s own turf.

 Please, everyone write, call, and pass this along. It could be fun, but time is of the essence. This initiative must happen immediately while the House and Senate are reconciling the two bills each chamber passed.

 Leslie Lakind

Below is the LTE I’m submitting.


Dear Editor, 

How many readers plan to leave their kids over 5 million dollars? Repeal of the estate tax in the federal tax legislation benefits very few.  The legislation also will cost  New Mexico hundreds of millions of dollars of mineral revenue, negatively affecting all New Mexicans.

 Congressman Steve Pearce voted for this bill.  Once House and Senate versions of the bill have been “reconciled,” Pearce has another opportunity to vote for or against.

 The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office concludes that taxes go up for people making less than $100,000 per year, while the .01% benefit greatly. But Pearce intends to vote for the final bill.

 It increases the deficit by over a trillion dollars, throws 13,000,000 off health insurance, and cuts Medicare.

Call Congressman Pearce, post on facebook, tweet – tell him that if he wants to be Governor, he needs to care about all New Mexicans, not just the .01%. 

Take Action! Saturday, December 9th, 2017 from 9am-12pm – Sleeping Bag Donation Drive

The cold is setting in and winter is almost upon us. Cold Santa Fe weather makes for miserable sleeping conditions for some in our community. Help us make those nights a bit warmer for those in need. We will be holding a new & used sleeping bag drive to benefit La Famila Medical Center – Health Care for the Homeless. Monetary donations will also be accepted at Fort Marcy Park (checks made payable to ‘La Famila Medical Center’). Please contact us directly to make other arrangements for donations.

Fort Marcy Park

101 Artist Rd, Uppr, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Sandra Adrianne and Nic Collins

Take Action! Thursday, November 30th, 2017 @ 6pm – County Commissioner Anna Hamilton for a District 4 Town Hall Meeting

Join County Commissioner Anna Hamilton for a District 4 Town Hall Meeting on this evening at 6 p.m. at the Hondo Fire Station II (645 Old Las Vegas Hwy). Commissioner Hamilton will be sharing updates on District 4 activities, as well as on Countywide issues. 

County staff from Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Public Works, Community Services, and our Sustainability Team will be on hand to answer your questions.

Don’t Forget to bring your ideas and concerns! 

P.S. and bring a reusable water bottle (let’s make this meeting sustainable) and we’ll provide water and light snacks! 

Take Action! Monday, December 4th, 2017 @ 3:30pm – Santa Fe City Council will convene for a special meeting on Ranked Choice Voting implementation

Be there to support Ranked Choice Voting at Special Meeting Called for Monday, December 4th, 2017 @ 3:30pm.

Following the District Court decision ordering the City to implement Ranked Choice Voting, the Governing Body will convene for a special meeting on Monday, December 4th, beginning at 3:30pm.

Council to meet in executive and open sessions to determine course of act. The body will receive a briefing in executive session from the City Attorney’s Office and then take action in open session to set a course forward.

Location: City Hall – 200 Lincoln Ave, Santa Fe














Take Action! Thursday, December 7 at 6 p.m. – Join Commissioner Ed Moreno at a Town Hall meeting

Join County Commissioner Edward Moreno for a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, December 7 at 6 p.m. at the ECIA Railroad Building. 

Whether you have concerns or praise for the current road improvement program, or ideas to share about other County Services, Commissioner Moreno is interested in meeting you.

County staff will also be on hand to answer your questions.

Thank you, ECIA for providing light snacks!

Take Action! Tuesday November 28th @ 6:00pm – City Council District 2 Forum – Santa Fe

Tuesday, November 28

6:00 pm, come and talk, light refreshments; forum starts promptly at 6:30 and runs through 7:45 pm at the Center for Progress and Justice, 1420 Cerrillos Rd., Santa Fe

Wards 4B, 4C, and 4D, which together make up City Council District 2,
invite all District 2 residents, and all interested others, to attend this
forum to meet the candidates for our open City Council seat:

Nate Downey
Carol Romero-Wirth
Joe Arellano

They will answer questions about their priorities for Santa Fe during
the next 4 years, how they plan to work with the city government
under the new structure (strong mayor), and similar matters.