DACA Renewal Clinic

Catholic Charities of Southern New Mexico and NM Comunidades en Acción y de Fé are hosting a FREE DACA clinic for DACA recipients who are eligible to renew their DACA permits.
You are eligible to renew your DACA if your work permit expires on or before March 5, 2018 AND you still meet the DACA requirements. If you do qualify under these guidelines, you must renew BEFORE October 5, 2017.
You will need the following items to renew your DACA:
1. Copy of front and back of current work permit
2. Copy of last DACA approval letter
3. 2 passport photos
4. Money order in the amount of $495 written to: U.S. Department of Homeland Security
5. A copy of your last application, if you have it, so that we can transfer the information to the new application

Caridades Católicas del Sur de Nuevo México y Comunidades en Acción y de Fé tendrán un clínica gratuita de DACA para personas que califican para renovar sus permisos de DACA.
Solo pueden renovar las personas cuyos permisos de trabajo se vencen antes del 5 marzo 2018 y que aún cumplen con los requisitos de DACA.
Necesitas presentar los siguientes documentos para renovar tu DACA:
1. Copia de frente y posterior de tu permiso de trabajo actual
2. Copia de tu última carta de aprobación de DACA
3. 2 fotso de pasaporte
4. Money order o giro postal en el monto de $495 hecho a la orden de: U.S. Department of Homeland Security
5. La última copia de tu aplicación para DACA, si la tienes más fácilmente podremos transmitir tu información

Confronting Border Violence: Solidarity with the Detained

The Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee from El Paso will be facilitating a discussion on how to support detainees at the Cibola County Correctional Center using their experience in detention solidarity in Southern New Mexico and West Texas. In this discussion, we hope to center the voices of those currently detained and recently released.

We invite you to listen, participate, and imagine meaningful solidarity with those targeted by the for-profit prison industry, the violence of imperial borders, and white supremacist colonization.

Teach-in hosted by the Albuquerque Friends Meeting House. More information as the date approaches. Food to be provided.

Citizenship and Civic Engagement Fair

Call the NMILC office at (505) 257-1023

If you pre-register you can:
– Fill out your citizenship application and have it ready to send
– See if you qualify for a waiver of the $725 immigration fee

Or bring your family THAT DAY to:
– See if you are eligible for citizenship
– Speak with community organizers about how you can get involved
– Learn about your rights as a worker and as an immigrant
– Gather resources for English and citizenship classes

Call (505) 247-1023 for more information
¿Es Ud. o alguien que conoce un residente permanente legal?

Hable con nuetros organizadores, voluntarios y abogados de inmigración. Para reservar su espacio registre antes de la feria hablando a nuestra oficinas al (505) 247-1023

Si registra antes, puede:
– Llenar su solicitud de ciudadanía para tener la lista para mandar
– Ver si califica para una excepción de pago de los $725 para la solicitud

O ese mismo día con su familia:
– Vea si es elegible para la ciudadanía
– Hable con organizadores comunitarios y aprenda como pueda involucrarse
– Aprenda sobre sus derechos como trabajador e inmigrante
– Entérese de recursos para aprender el inglés y conseguir ayuda sobre temas de inmigración

A special thank you to our event co-sponsors:
– Partnership for Community Action
– Santa Fe Dreamers Project
– State Bar of New Mexico
– Listo Nuevo Mexico
– Encuentro
– NM Dream Team
– EL CENTRO de Igualdad y Derechos

Citizens Climate Lobby New Mexico State Conference: Plugging Into Solutions

FULL CONFERENCE TITLE: Getting Beyond the Climate Argument: Plugging Into Solutions

A conference to catalyze action by a wide variety of New Mexicans to address climate change and New Mexico’s protracted economic crisis. Solution- and action-oriented. We will discuss the science, but not spend time in debating what is an overwhelming consensus: this conference takes the reality of cliimate change as a given. We hope to educate and inspire people to participate in the wide variety of solutions that will mitigate climate change while stimulating the long-ailing New Mexican economy.

A day-long symposium of speakers and panelists for the public at Monte del Sol Charter School in Santa Fe, NM. $18 in advance/$25 after 10/22 Speakers: Hon. Claudine Schneider, Energy consultant, former Republican Congresswoman, author of Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989; Mark Reynolds, Executive Director Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Coronado, CA.; Todd Ringler, PhD, World Climate Research Program for Climate and Ocean; David Gutzler, PhD, Climatologist and Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences Professor, UNM; Vincent Gutschick, PhD, Climatologist and Professor Emeritus, NMSU; Chris Brown: Economic Modeler for REMI on Climate Initiatives
Break-out sessions with moderated panels: Jobs, Economic Development, Renewables; Youth Initiatives; Environmental Justice, Equity, Moral Issues; Local, State, and National Policy Initiatives; Personal Actions for your Carbon Footprint; Water & Land Management; Wildlife & Wilderness Conservation

In addition to the all day conference on the 28th in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos, and Las Cruces, we will host a screening at CCA in Santa Fe on October 26th, and a Climate Advocate Training in Santa Fe on October 29th.

Native Liberation Conference 2017: 9/30 & 10/1, Gallup, NM

The Red Nation invites anyone interested in organizing for Native liberation to its second annual conference in Gallup, NM.

The first day (September 30th, Saturday), will be from 4PM to 10 PM at the Gallup Cultural Center: 201 East Highway 66, Gallup, New Mexico 87301 , and the second day (October 1st, Sunday) will be from 9 AM to 5 PM at the El Morro Events Center: 210 S. Second Street, Gallup, NM.

This is an all-ages event, open to the public, and no admission or registration is required. All are welcome!

During the conference, there will be various workshops and forums facilitated by Native organizers and revolutionaries based out of Gallup, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Window Rock, and elsewhere. Allied organizations and movements will also be presenting. The primary aim of the conference is to orient, update, and educate The Red Nation membership, as well as the general public, on local, regional, and international movements for Indigenous liberation.

Learn how to organize and fight settler colonialism, capitalism, heteropatriarchy, police violence, the rising tide of fascism, and more!

Seminars and workshops will focus on a range of topics including:

╋ Anti-fascism and Antifa
╋ Anti-capitalism
╋ Decolonization
╋ Justice for Palestine
╋ Making relatives and the role of kinship
╋ Native struggles in the Trump era
╋ Native community organizing
╋ Police violence
╋ Fracking in the Four Corners
╋ Indigenous feminism
╋ Political prisoners
╋ The movement to protect Chaco Canyon
╋ Native nationhood, sovereignty, and self-determination
╋ Bordertown justice
╋ Abolishing racist holidays, imagery, and memorials
#NoDAPL today

If you’re interested in The Red Nation, curious about movements for Indigenous liberation, or just want to organize for revolution, this conference will be an opportunity for you to connect, learn more, and get involved.

The agenda will be released soon. Stay tuned!

Food and beverages will be provided. If you’re coming from out of town, we can provide limited accommodations. Please contact us ahead of time for lodging and/or to arrange accessibility services.

╋ ╋ ╋ ╋ ╋ ╋ ╋

More information: https://therednation.org/

A community conversation on Earned Sick day ordinance

Join us for a Community Conversation on the Earned Sick Day Ordinance this Wed. Sept 27th from 5:30-7pm at the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice. Guest speaker Andrea Serrano of Olé will explain and answer any questions on the ordinance that will potentially affect 110,000 New Mexican Employees and their Employers. This is an urgent convo that you will not want to miss, in time for your vote on this ordinance which is on the ballot for this election cycle that ends on on 10/3.

This Conversation will be Moderated by Samia Assed, and this will be a potluck event.Hope to see all of you there!

Roundhouse Advocacy Team

We will hear a final report on the 2016 primaries and general election results on our list of targeted GOP and Democrat legislators. This will help us identify legislators who might be vulnerable in 2018. From conversations with progressive lobbyists and others, these legislators have been identified as persistently blocking progressive legislation. The team will now weigh which of these legislators could be vulnerable to a challenge in the primary (Dem) or general election (GOP). We will also finalize our first full draft of a list of priority bills that will soon be finalized and posted on a statewide online poll to obtain input from throughout the state. Click here to review our strategy, although at this meeting we may adjust it with input from you!!. The meeting will return to its 6-8pm time slot in October. Meetings occur on the 2nd and 4th Th of the month.

America Divided: The Class Divide Documentary Screening

Join us for a community screening. Episode 2: The Class Divide – Legendary TV producer Norman Lear continues his investigation into the gentrification of New York City and goes undercover to expose racial discrimination in housing; actress Rosario Dawson reveals new information on the Flint water crisis; and “Grey’s Anatomy” star and former teacher Jesse Williams travels to Pinellas County, Florida, to investigate the roots of one of the most unequal school systems in the country.

Following the screening, we will engage in a community conversation, bringing a local, Santa Fe/New Mexico lens to two issues from the series: gentrification and the water crisis.

$5 per screening, at the door.

AMERICA DIVIDED, a limited docu-series executive produced by Common, Norman Lear, and Shonda Rhimes, was made in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. It features narratives around inequality in education, housing, healthcare, labor, criminal justice and the political system.

Ranked Choice Voting hearing – Santa Fe

After months of waiting, First District Court Judge David K. Thompson has issued a writ telling the city they must implement ranked choice voting for our March 2018 election. He has scheduled a hearing to give the city a chance to convince him that this would be an impossibility. It is not! There is still time for implementation, and with at least six mayoral candidates in the race, we need ranked choice voting more than ever. Please join us on Tuesday, November 21 at 8:15 am at the First District Court to show your support.

We need people in that courtroom to show the judge and the city that we the people are overwhelmingly in support of implementing Ranked Choice Voting, that we are paying attention, and that it would be unacceptable for the city to not respect a court order if the judge was to issue one.

Plan to be there at 8:00 am to allow time for parking and going through security.

Thanks so much, and looking forward to seeing you all there!

Maria Perez
Director of FairVote NM

Learn about Ranked Choice Voting here